Calling for all grocery shopping myths: Share your HOGWASH for a $2500 WISH gift card

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Project Hogwash Set To Bust Grocery Shopping Myths

The latest TorchMedia and ShopAbility shopper study, Project Hogwash, will see a $2,500 WISH giftcard given away to someone in the trade. And that’s no myth. For the next 3 weeks the shopper-marketing duo are calling for myths relating to grocery behaviour. Tell us 3 you’ve heard in the supermarket landscape and you will go into the draw. To enter, visit Entries close 5pm Friday 10th August 2012.

This research project will bust the so called hogwash or myths. Some examples include:

  •  The ‘main grocery buyer’ is a female (‘mum’) 25-54 with kids living at home
  • 80% of people make a shopping list
  • Grocery shopping is a chore and a grudge shop and everybody hates it


Three years ago, TorchMedia defined the Australian shopper, and constructed key shopper profiles. The success of this research has helped brand manufacturers understand how shoppers differ in their demographics, behaviour and attitudes.


This study will encompass all grocery shoppers and, therefore will require a large sample of between 5,000 and 10,000 people nationally. This is a great opportunity for manufacturers and retail agencies to have those myths busted.


Kirsty Dollisson, General Manager, Marketing & Commercial said this will be one of the biggest shopper marketing studies this year. “We will reconstruct these shopper profiles to fit the 2012 retail landscape,” she explained. “We are tapping into the entire grocery channel including to two majors,  IGA and Aldi, among others, and this will be more holistic than most other grocery shopper studies.” Kirsty stated.


“There may be some surprises in understanding who REALLY is shopping in supermarkets, where, how often and how they plan it,” said ShopAbility. “By digging into the whats, wheres, whens and hows by the different shopper types, not only might a few myths get busted but it will enable better influencing of grocery shoppers not only in store but before they get to it.”


To make the research effective and hopefully dispel any myths that have been bandied around the industry, we want you to have a say in deciding which myths will be proven or disproven. A randomly selected entrant will be chosen to win the $2,500 WISH Giftcard. To enter, visit Entries close 5pm Friday 10th August 2012.


For more information regarding the research or details on how you can get involved Email: or call (02) 8404 3900.