Sneaky peek: Chicago’s ‘Shopper Insights in Action’ takeouts

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ShopAbility’s Dan Tripolitano recently attended ‘Shopper Insights in Action 2012’ (SIA), held in Chicago – one of the biggest shopper conferences in the world. Keynote presentations from Walmart, Target, Facebook, Coca-Cola, Campell’s, Nestle, Heinz, POPAI and Duke University all pointed to the need to draw clear, meaningful implications from the mountains of data available in the retail space.
Dan will deliver a keynote presentation about the conference at POPAI’s forthcoming professional development events on 7 & 8 August (details HERE) and his comprehensive editorial is soon to appear in Retail World Magazine.

By way of sneaky peek; what you can expect to hear more about from Dan in the coming weeks:


While the consumer insights function is mature, and standardised to some extent as a result in terms of methodologies and processes, shopper is much newer and wildly different perspectives still exist. One of the issues is the mountain of available data on purchase behaviour, and how to extract real meaning from it.

How some companies are interpreting data:

Looking at what shoppers say and what they do.  What they do alone won’t tell you why, and what they say alone may not match what they do. Both are required.

Thinking about what you are similar to and what you are different to. It may not be what you expect.There’s a great story about a finance institution taking inspiration from tatoo parlours, coming up in Dan’s forthcoming Retail World article.


Google bought Android not too long ago and they have now a clear mandate, every strategy must have a mobile implication. Walmart echoed these sentiments with their marketing mantra SOLOMO (Social, Local and Mobile).

With the ability to track what shoppers say and what they do on a smartphone, the research game is about to change.


In the US they can’t agree on whether it’s a path, a journey or a cycle, but one thing is for sure; it’s not linear. A second thing – there’s not just one ‘path’.

There may be many ‘paths’, likely to change by occasion and trip type.

In Australia, we’ve been talking for some time about Shopper Marketing encompassing pre-store, in-store, and post-store. There are multiple ‘communications touchpoints’ at each of these three stages in the journey. Or cycle, as the case may be.

So, it’s an interesting and exciting time for the evolution of Shopper Insights. Stay tuned for more comprehensive coverage in the coming weeks.