Category Management has existed as a discipline since the late 1980s. It’s a key hygiene factor in what shoppers see at shelf, and a passive contributor to ‘Shopper Marketing’.

Key components of ‘traditional’ category management include range, space, price and promotion analysis.

Shopability can help with:

Cat Man hub and spoke diagram

We work across the whole gamut of traditional in store sales drivers (RSVP3):

  • Range
    • – analysis and recommendations for new product introductions and deletions; portfolio management and de-duplicating; long tail assessments; npd introduction sell stories; range review and category review assistance
  • Space & Layout
    • store, department, category and category segment layout principles including adjacencies and flows; layouts as pen & ink, mudmap and planograms; space analysis by sku, product, brand, manufacturer and category segment; category review space recommendations assistance
  • Visibility, Merchandising & Display
    • POP and POS placement; display placement and messaging recommendations; touchpoint/points of engagement execution strategy
  • Price and Promotion
    • price promotion and consumer promotion analysis including multi-causal; optimum price points and promotion mechanics
  • Persuasion(staff)
    • recommendations on best use of store staff to influence the shopper, tactics and messages for store staff to use.

Any good set of recommendations should at least get to store trial, if not subsequent rollout. We can assist with Trial Management and Trial Research.

Category Management versus Category Development

Category Management is about using yesterday’s data tactically to create a better ‘today’ for shoppers. It tends to be based at sku and category segment level.
Category Development, on the other hand, is about looking strategically at the category’s future and where the future sources of growth are likely to be. Figuring out what the drivers are and how to leverage them. Category Development is something we do a lot of under the guise of Category Strategy. You can find out more about Category Development HERE

We also train your people in best practice Category Management know-how via our FMCG Training programs.