Persuasion in this instance refers to the role of in store staff in educating and persuading shoppers. It is a key lever used in Category Management and Shopper Marketing.

Persuasion Strategy asks and solves:

  • Is our category an impulse, add-on or trade up opportunity?
  • With which other products and categories are our products best sold in tandem?
  • Can our brands be switch sold?
  • What do we need to do to get store managers and staff to actively promote our products? What kinds of incentives and training programs are appropriate and compelling?


At ShopAbility, our end-to-end approach to Persuasion Strategy covers:

  1. Insights: Shopper Research – shopper behaviour in categories and channels, role of staff
  2. Strategy: by category and by channel
  3. Activation: trial, rollout, pictures of success, sales tools, measurement & evaluation
  4. Capability: persuasion standards and scorecards, Training for Category, Marketing, Sales & Field teams

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