One of the fundamental building blocks of Category Management and Shopper Marketing is Space.

Space and Layout Strategy asks and solves:

  • How should the category be laid out so the shopper can find what they want most easily?
  • Which category segments should be in what order?
  • Based on space to sales ratios, what space allocation and facings should each segment, brand and sku have?
  • What can we realistically get over and above what sales are telling us and what retailer story / vision do we need to achieve this?


At Shopportunity, our end-to-end approach to Space covers:

  1. Insights: analytics and reviews, Shopper Research (behaviour by category and channel)
  2. Strategy: by category and by channel
  3. Activation: flows, adjacancies, planograms and pictures of success, rollout, trial, measurement & evaluation
  4. Capability: space and layout trade standards, scorecards, Training for Category, Sales & Field teams

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