Visibility, Display & Merchandising are fundamental aspects of Category Management and Shopper Marketing.

It is all about what to put where, why. V, D & M Strategy asks and solves:

  • What are the most important types of visibility pieces and locations for my category?
  • Where should our displays be placed? Where are the hot spots for our category?
  • What Point of Sale and shopper education tools should we invest in? What are the most effective and important ongoing POS pieces for each channel, based on what the shopper sees?
  • What should be communicated on our POS for best effect?
  • What are the occasion-based marketing opportunities for my category and how can we use these to get additional displays and sales throughout the year?
  • How will we know how many displays we are achieving, and their effectiveness?


At ShopAbility, our end-to-end approach to Visibility, Display & Merchandising covers:

  1. Insights: Shopper Research (shopper behaviour by category and channel), analytics, reviews
  2. Strategy: by category and by channel
  3. Activation: trial, rollout, pictures of success, measurement & evaluation
  4. Capability: merchandising standards and scorecards, Training for Category, Sales & Field teams

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