At ShopAbility, we help you define what to measure and why, how to measure it and develop systems and standards for you to improve results against those measures. We consider this an essential part of activation, and also of building company capability.

We collaborate with you on a whole of business perspective, key functions, and also zoom in on specific areas (such as category) as required.

In addition to category specific measures, we help you to develop comprehensive standards across your business.

Example outputs include:

  • Structure optimisation reviews & recommendations
  • Skills & capability development roadmaps
  • Structured training programs (see our Training page)
  • Internal M, P & D sytems
  • Position recruitment criteria
  • Trade / store standards & policies
  • Pictures of success
  • Scorecards & dashboards
  • Tools & templates

Building measures is a core part of building your company Capability – more information about this on our Capability page.