ShopAbility is an Australian leader in Shopper Marketing thinking and application. In 2010 we conducted the first  POPAI/ShopAbility Shopper Marketing Industry Benchmark Survey  (supported by TorchMedia), providing a clear picture of where the industry is currently at, and where it’s going.  ShopAbility Director Peter Huskins is Chair of the POPAI Shopper Marketing Industry Council, a working group  of industry leaders set up by POPAI in response to survey feedback that the industry needs a body to provide support and direction for the Shopper Marketing discipline in Australia. For definitions and an understanding of the background behind Shopper Marketing, visit our background page at /services/activation/shopper-marketing/what-is-shopper-marketing/

ShopAbility can help you navigate the Shopper Marketing landscape and prioritise the strategies and activities that will yield best business results – based on our years of experience and understanding of the trade. We offer three ways of doing this:

  • Shopper Marketing Training
  • Shopper Marketing Integration
  • Promotional Campaign Shopper Impact Measurement.

Shopper Marketing Training

ShopAbility is running Australia’s first formal Shopper Marketing training programs for the industry in Australia.  Our two-day program has also been successfully run across Asia. Based on best practice understanding, the course covers:

  1. Integrating consumer, shopper and retailer objectives
  2. What is Shopper Marketing?
  3. The Shopper Cycle and its Dynamics
  4. Touchpoint Marketing & Messaging
  5. Shopper Behaviour Fundamentals
  6. Shopper Insights and what to do with them
  7. Measurement and ROI
  8. Integrating Shopper Marketing

As well as our industry progams, generally presented in collaboration with POPAI, we also run bespoke Shopper Marketing training programs for clients, adapted to their specific business and team needs. We have found that Shopper Marketing training can be a great way to bridge the divide between the Sales, Marketing and Category functions – Shopper Marketing necessarily involves all of them, and it can be a good way to get these teams on the same page.

Shopper Marketing Integration

Generally falling in to the annual business planning process, but also available outside it, Shopper Marketing is about integrating best practice into:

Shopper Marketing Plans – in the same way as brand plans, category plans etc, and integrated with them

Business structure and processes – to whom does Shopper Marketing report? Where does the function sit? How does it work and how can it be best optimised? What are the processes required to truly embed Shopper Marketing as a business approach?

Shopper Marketing Integration is naturally tailored to the specific needs of an individual business, according to its current structures, processes and functions.

Promotional Campaign Shopper Marketing Impact Measurement

Point of Purchase marketing strategies and promotions are about CONVERSION. Marketing in store needst to be clearly aimed at retail objectives such as increasing frequency, average weight of purchase, basket incidence etc. (visit our News & Articles page for several articles about retail objectives).

The relationship between consumer and shopper marketing can be summarised as follows:


We can help you navigate and measure metrics for your shopper marketing promotions that give a more holistic picture  on ROI than sales alone.


Campaign specific shopper research instore at the point of purchase to understand:

  • Whether the shopper noticed your campaign
  • What they noticed (which parts/executions) and by extension, what they didn’t notice
  • To what extent it influenced their purchase this time or next time
  • What was it about the campaign that did or didn’t influence their decision?


  • Understand what parts of your campaign are being noticed and actually influence the shopper , both prestore and instore
  • Helps you understand which parts of the campaign were working/most impactful vs those not working/least impactful across a number of variables: format (types of execution); content (offer); placement; creative
  • Refine your execution for subsequent campaigns to the things you know really work
  • Understand the WHY behind your campaign results numbers
  • Build relationship with retailer by showing them THEIR stores’ shopper campaign results.


  • Intercept interviews of shoppers of your category or on the trip types you are targeting
  • Interviews take place post category browse/purchase but pre-checkout transaction
  • Interview is 5 minutes (incentivised) encompassing approx 10-12 questions
  • May include stimulus (eg campaign images) for prompt
  • We coordinate all the research, including store selection and approvals with retailers
  • Can be topped up with observations (non-shopper interactive) if you are interested in traffic/browse/buy ratios for your category pre/during campaign to test if your campaign is achieving more browse cut through.

For more information on Shopper Marketing services call Company Co-Director Peter Huskins 0412 574 793.