Business Regeneration is about improving business performance through:

  • New strategies and business models
  • New products and services
  • New processes
  • New structures
  • New markets
  • New management & reporting methods
  • End-to-end application

How is your business performing? Download our handy Business Regeneration Scorecard

Our team has extensive senior management, CEO, GM and Board level experience in blue-chip FMCG and Retail organisations – we’ve done it before. We keep abreast of current trends and global best practice, offering you an honest, objective and future-focussed view.

With measurable improvement in business results as our key goal, we look at your key levers and aim high – with a realistic understanding of the trading environment and importantly, what is required to get there.

What does it look like?


1. Business Audit / Diagnostic

  • Organisation and department wide. Covers front of house functions (marketing, sales, category / shopper marketing, supply and operations) as well as back of house (finance, HR, IT).
  • Identifies ‘dead wood’ processes
  • Comparison: global best practice, macro trends, future focus
  • Gap analysis – where the organisation is versus where it wants / needs to be

2. Strategy

  • Identify new growth platforms and processes
  • Develop business case and strategic recommendations

3. Implementation Planning

  • Develop phased and prioritised plans to optimise and implement the strategic recommendations
  • 30 day, 100 day, 1 year and 3-5 year plans

4. Execution and Support

  • Assistance in implementing the plans e.g. via change management program coordination and training, development of policies, standards, tools and templates and measurable KPIs.

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Your key contacts for Business Regeneration are our senior Exec team: Peter Huskins on 0412 574 793 and John Day on 0418 992 121.

You can also find out more about the broader scope of our Business Strategy services on the Business Strategy, Strategic Planning Facilitation and Strategy Tools & Templates pages.