ShopAbility has partnered with the Bevington Group, Austalia’s most experienced process and productivity improvement specialists by exclusively licensing their patented technology and expertise for use in the Retail and FMCG sector.

Coupling the experience of ShopAbility’s senior strategy team, all of whom have decades of CEO and Board level experience in Retail and FMCG companies, with Bevington Groups’ experience in improving business operational processes, we can deliver a unique suite of services that centres on real Organisational Insight, specifically targeting:

  • Operational processes;
  • Supporting systems;
  • Staffs roles and capabilities;
  • Organisational structure.

The Organisational Insight Approach consolidates lessons from over 400 assignments in some of Australia’s largest and best recognized companies and delivers four clear advantages for clients:

1.     It engages staff and Management engagement

  • Staff are actively engaged to capture the ‘reality’ of the process and to identify solutions in context
  • Process data is recorded in the staff’s own language (allowing ownership of process issues)
  • Analytical techniques are explained and testable by the client (no ‘magic’ or  ‘opinion’ analysis!)

2.     The process detail is captured at Speed

  • Specialist methods & software allow us to rapidly capture & analyse large volumes of detail across multiple teams
  • Data is collected to the right  level where problems are evident – not at the higher level of what ‘should’ happen or at the lower level of ‘keystroke’ procedures.
  • Tools with standard outputs allow less time preparing processes data ( and more time thinking about how to improve processes)

3.     The process detail is quantified and categorised, enabling solutions to improve the process to be effectively prioritised

  • Our process tools facilitate evaluation of process activity as well as recording it
  • We prioritise solutions based on the numbers. We have the industrial strength methods that allow the effort costs of waste to be identified and addressed.
  • Effective connections between activities, roles and structure allow changes to be explained  and measured at the role level.

4.     Implementation is focused on real results

  • Staff who have been involved in defining the process and solutions are more inclined to implement them than if solutions are simply adopted from outside.
  • “Momentum Methods” offer a staged approach to change that deliver immediate improvement (quick wins) as the first part of a longer journey. Quick wins are a key motivator for any change initiative.

Bevington software diagram

Together, ShopAbility and the Bevington Group offer unparalleled expertise and technology  to enable positive structure and process change for Retail and FMCG companies.

For more information please call ShopAbility Director, Peter Huskins on 0412 574 793 and John Day on 0418 992 121

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