ShopAbility are one of Australia’s leading experts on channel intelligence.

We help you to determine where you should be, with what, how, what success looks like and how to measure it. We link categories to channels based on relevance to the shopper.

We focus on three key areas:

  • Channel and Market Assessments – NEW channels
  • Channel Segmentation – NEW OR EXISTING channels
  • Channel / Route to Market Strategy – NEW OR EXISTING channels (recommendations are included in the above two areas)

Channel and Market Assessments & Strategy

Our five-step process for assessing and prioritising new channels gives you clear commercial direction on where you should distribute, why, how, and the size of the prize for doing so.

We help you direct your new channel initiatives towards the channels (and players within them) likely to deliver the greatest return, fastest. We map categories to channels to shoppers based on missions and occasions, identifying ‘best fit’ channels based on shopper insights as well as robust data.

A thorough understanding of the Route to Market capability and process required to service the channel avoids nasty surprises and false starts when entering new channels.



Outputs include:

  • Total list of potential channels, then narrowed to priority channels based on size of prize, relevance and ROI
  • Priortiy channels: channel overview, dynamics, size, scope, players and Route to Market requirements
  • Pack adjustments, in store POP and marketing recommendations / pictures of success

Applications include:

  • NPD and new pack distribution
  • Messaging – on pack & in store
  • Supply and service structure
  • Sales drivers – space & layout, merchandising & display, pricing & promotion, staff persuasion and service.

See our separate page on Channel Segmentation for more information about how to optimise both new and existing channels.

Your first point of contact for Route to Market enquiries is Peter Huskins on 0412 574 793.