Our highly qualified insights team specialises in shopper research. Individually and collectively, the team has conducted hundreds of research projects for some of the biggest blue-chips in Australia.

Importantly, we design research with the commercial application in mind, because we understand the trade.

Holistic and end-to-end – we gather data and insights from multiple sources. We understand how primary shopper research needs to interface with basket data and trade / retailer research for a complete view.

For more information about what Shopper Research is and the kinds of methodologies that are used, visit our What is Shopper Research page.

Our Shopper Research Offers

Shopper Research Offers

Our methodologies cover the entire scope of before store and in store shopper and trade research methods (you can find some of these on our What is Shopper Research page).

Why are we different?

We are shopper and trade research specialists, not the shopper research arm of a consumer research agency. Our focus is on commercial activations and outputs and strong retailer engagement – we know how the implications need to be drawn out and sold differently to different audiences. Because we’re from the trade ourselves, we have a strong understanding of grocery and non-grocery channels and what works and doesn’t, so we’ll never give you research results that are interesting but not actually useful.

For a detailed discussion of your requirements, contact Peter Huskins on 0412 574 793.

Trade and Key Customer Research

Whether a component of your shopper research or a stand-alone project, we offer trade, retailer and key customer research to help you determine how compelling your current or proposed offer is to the trade and how you may need to develop it further. We are highly experienced in this area, we know how to talk to the trade and we also know how to position your trade research so that it leads to sales outcomes.

For more specific information about Trade Research, visit our Trade Research page.

Vist our comprehensive article on Shopper Insights – Shopper Insights Explained.

Broader Insights Services

Our Insights division covers end-to-end insight to activation across the following areas:

Your first point of contact for all research needs is Peter Huskins on 0412 574 793.