Trade research determines how your key customers / retailers, staff and supply chain experience working with you, and what can be done to optimise these relationships.

It is also used as part of a key customer engagement process when testing new products (concepts, launches, execution) and new ideas and initiatives. Trade Research is a key component of any successful shopper research project.


Outcomes include, but are not limited to recommendations about:

  • The biggest ‘fix now’ areas for your business that if solved will increase sales the fastest and most dramatically
  • Supplychain: warehousing, distribution and sales service arrangements
  • Route to market: what best practice servicing of the channel looks like
  • Sales team structures and servicing: frequency, territories
  • Incentive schemes – retailers, sales staff
  • Shopper behaviour insights (from the retailer perspective)
  • Promotional effectiveness
  • Point of Purchase strategy
  • What is driving the retailer: keys to deepening the relationship and improving negotiation skills
  • Capability & training required to optimise key customer relationships

To find out more about how Trade Research works as part of Shopper Research projects, visit our Shopper Research page.

Your key contact for Trade Research is Peter Huskins on 0412 574 793.