The old adage ‘your people are your best asset’ is often understood in theory, but many companies lack the structure, tools, templates, processes and learning programs required to really apply it.

Our Training & Capability team is comprised of senior FMCG professionals that have been in the trade for decades, worked in Australia and overseas, and have multi-disciplinary FMCG and Retail experience. We can help you get the best out of your people.

At ShopAbility, we are FMCG People Development specialists.

We help to you to:

  • Achieve a highly skilled team with optimum performance and versatility
  • Maximise the opportunity for everyone to contribute to the profitability of the business
  • Structure key learning opportunities for the short and long term
  • Recognise and reward capability and achievement
  • Improve culture and communication

We do this via two People Development service areas: Capability and Training.


For more detail about each of these streams, visit the individual pages for Capability and Training.

Your first point of contact for all Training & Capability enquiries is Peter Huskins on 0412 574 793.