Building Capability in FMCG organisations centres on both people and process.

We help our clients gain crystal clarity and forward focus in all their business dealings internally and externally. By developing effective standards, systems, development roadmaps and assessment tools, we take the guesswork out of your communication and culture.

We assist in shifting the business towards global best practice processes and metrics.

Benefits of Building Capability

Your staff have clear direction, positive development programs and useful templates and tools to implement and measure success. Your ability to attract and retain good people improves.

Relationships with your retail customers are deepened through a more customer-centric way of doing business. We help you increase the appeal of your offer to your trading partners and grow profitability as a result.

The FMCG Capability Pyramid


Level 1 of the pyramid addresses the basic building blocks. What skills do our people need to excel in their roles? How do we make our culture more customer-centric? What efficiencies can be achieved in supply and production? How do we build more commercial awareness into our day-to-day? We assist you to establish systems, standards, tools and templates to ensure the basic building blocks are in place.

Level 2 of the pyramid centres on improving your relevance to your retail partners. By taking ownership of your categories and developing a strong business case and category vision underpinned by solid insights, you move from reactive to proactive in the relationship. We help your teams to work together in achieving this.

Level 3 of the pyramid is about your customer management skills and processes. How do you build greater trust AND profitability into the relationship? How do you negotiate positively? How do we marry retailer objectives with our own objectives? What does best practice customer communication look like? We help you with the skills, information and templates you need to optimise your customer relationships.

We work across departments and functions to build the whole. We structure sytems, tools, templates and programs to develop your key teams:

  • Sales
  • Marketing
  • Brand Marketing
  • Trade Marketing
  • KAM
  • Field
  • Executive

Outputs include:

  • Structure optimisation reviews & recommendations
  • Skills & capability development roadmaps
  • Structured training programs (see our Training page)
  • Internal M, P & D sytems
  • Position recruitment criteria
  • Trade standards & policies
  • Pictures of success
  • Scorecards & dashboards
  • Tools & templates

Our approach is tailored to your company objectives and needs. Call Peter Huskins on 0412 574 793 to discuss your needs.

Also visit our Training page for more specific information about how we can structure training programs for your people.190.